How to Write Love Poems?

27 January 2010

Writing a poem for your lover can be ever so difficult!

Most lovers would really like to write something passionate and heart-melting to express their deep love towards their partner. However, some of us run out of ideas of what to write and how to write.

Get started with a pencil and a paper.

Portray The Meaning of Your Poem
The main theme of your poem is anything about your partner or your love. Then, for each stanza, it can be your lover's beauty, personality or the things you did together. It can also be about your relationship and love towards your lover.

Know what you have to write about. Then, know what meanings you need to let your lover know in the poem.

You want to write to Lily that you feel relaxed with her.

Meaning to Portray
- I feel calm when you're around.

Substitute Words / Write Lovely Words
Now you have your meaning, you would want to substitute certain words, or rewrite a sentence that is more lovely and attractive. Your sentence can be a complex sentence, or with the usage of objects to express. It can also contain "hidden" meanings. Exaggerate a little bit and show how much you really mean when you wrote it.

Meaning to Portray - I feel calm when you're around.
Sentence - Your presence invoked bliss.

When making these sentence it is important to know that you can also use metaphors, personifications, similes, idioms, slang and others.

A letter filled with love is a letter with romantic poems.

Writing Progression In Your Poem
When you write in a stanza, you want everything to link together and it's based on something. If you write like say...

You were walking with one shoe,
And with every step my heart paced,
The sky ripples are so blue,
Like how the blue in your eyes interlaced.

It may sound nice but there is no connection in what you're trying to say. Lily was walking with one shoe (it might had really happened on a date) and with every step your heart paced, is good. Then it suddenly switched to how the sky is, and it's like her eyes. No link.

It's best that you continue on after how every step your heart paced, maybe say about how graceful she can become even if she's walking with one shoe, walking like a duck and maybe in one of her most embarassing moments. Example continuation...

I didn't help but stood like a statue,
I was dazed as even so you still graced.

This explains how graceful Lily could be until she had you stunned like a statue, not only in that situation, but possibly almost all situations.

Simple and nice with a smooth flow will look beautiful.

Using a Set Number of Syllables or Words
This is not really important when writing your own poem. However, if you want to make your poem more lovely, you can write a set number of words or syllables for each line. That way, when you say out your poem, you will get a lovely flow and sounds neat.

Lesser words forces you to be even more creative and unique in your writing. Portraying a meaning strongly by using only a few words is always powerful and lovely.

Although you have gotten your meanings to portray, you still need to rhyme it at the end of each line. Make your first two lines first, then after you thought the meanings of the last two lines, think of a word that rhymes.

Your presence invoked bliss,
Without effort just like magic,

3rd Line Keyword - kiss
Sentence - As with every single kiss,

4th Line Keyword - panic
Sentence - I grew less panic.

If you don't know what words you can rhyme with, you can look up here. (

1. Know the meaning you want to show to your lover.
2. Write it down in a more strong and romantic way using your own words and style.
3. Make sure they rhyme as you wanted and still keep the meaning.