WNxH: Nobody Cares?

29 November 2009

29th of November strip for WNx Homestay is out!

Today's strip is out, which is about Xiiao the Hamster. He seems to have disappeared! Enjoy.

WNx Homestay: Nobody Cares?


SPM 2009 Biology Tips

28 November 2009

These are the tips for Biology, SPM Examinations 2009!

Again, a little reminder, the tips are merely a forecast and prediction. It may not exactly be the topics asked in the examination. Spotting questions will not necessarily bring you to success!

Paper 1
Cell Structure
Plasma Membrane
Cell Division (Mitosis/Meiosis)
Coordination and Response

Paper 2
Cell Division
Endangered Ecosystem

Paper 3
Dynamic Ecosystem



26 November 2009

You can find arts in all sort of ways...
This is a kind of art that is done with dots...

This drawing was completed last school holiday...
A shout out from Lemon to all our viewers...
Hope to see that fun
holidays awaits you...

Love Lemon~

Blog Posts in Facebook

23 November 2009

How to import your blog posts into your facebook as notes?

I know some of you may be wondering how to get your blog posts into your Facebook as some of your friends did. So this are just a few simple steps that can be done right away without any hassle.

Login to your Facebook and click Profile.

2. Click Options near the right side of the "What's On Your Mind?" box slightly below.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click Blog/RSS under Imported Stories which is under Stories Posted by You.

5. Put in your blog address for example, (http://lemoney92.blogspot.com) and Import.

That's about it, and your blog feed will be in your profile under the Notes box. Enjoy!


WNx Homestay: Evo's Cake

22 November 2009

WNx Homestay will be published here every Sunday!

I have started the WNx Homestay comic and it will be updated on this blog every Sunday regardless of the time. Be sure to check out every Sunday for more comic strips!

WNx Homestay: Evo's Cake


How to Make a Pen Rifle?

19 November 2009

Office weapon? Just a little weapon you can do using office utensils!

I know most of you are bored in the office...or maybe in school. This is a little weapon you can make during your free time using your stationary. Some call this the pen rifle, but you can call it whatever you want.

What You Need
- Pen that you can open both front and back.
- Rubber band.
- Strong duct tape.
- Pen cartridge (replaceable with bamboo skewers)


1. Put the pen cartridge into the pen that is opened up front and back to make a hollow tube.

2. Twist the rubber band and put it through the pen tube, about the middle of the pen tube.

3. Tape it into place, use duct tape. Cellophane tape is too weak, I just used it because it's all I have.

4. With the rubber band taped into place, stretch it to the back of your pen cartridge and pull it along like a slingshot. Pull further back until you get a decent tension on the rubber band. Release.

This weapon is not as weak as it looks. It CAN and WILL blind a person if they are shot in the eye even if it is a deflection from the wall. It will be very painful and will cause bleeding when hit on any exposed part of your skin. An average pen rifle shot can travel up to 6 feet which is still very dangerous within that range. Do not use it for fun just to hit your friends.

Do not stretch the rubber band too far out or the pen may miss the pen tube and hit your fingers instead. It will cause bleeding.

Also, the wearing out of the rubber band will cause the efficiency of the weapon to decrease. It will be harder to make a shot and it will be easier for you to injure yourself if you're not careful. Replace the rubber band with a new one if it is about to tear or is wearing off.


SPM 2009 Sejarah Tips

16 November 2009

These are the tips for the upcoming SPM 2009, Sejarah.

As usual, these are merely a forecast and spotting questions may not necessarily bring you to success!! Do not rely heavily on the tips given!

Form 4
Tamadun Indus / India (Persatuan, Perdagangan, Srestin)
Hindu-Buddha (Pentadbiran, Angkor Wat)
Penjelajahan dan Penerokaaan (Bab 9)
Bani Umaiyah
Bani Uthmaniyah
Teori Kedatangan Islam ke Asia Tenggara

Form 5
Nasionalisme (Thailand & Filipina)
Gerakan Pan-Islamisme / Gerakan Islah
Kesultanan Melayu Melaka
Perlembagaan Johor & Terengganu
Bidang Kuasa Yang Di-Pertuan Agong
Dewan Negara / Dewan Rakyat
Perang Dunia I (Faktor & Kesan)
Cabaran Masa Hadapan (Globalisasi / MSC / K-Masyarakat)

Thanks to Razif for the tips.


[Notice] - 1000+ Visitors!

15 November 2009

This blog has achieved more than 1000 visitors!

I know 1000 visitors isn't a lot, but this is our first blog anyway, so we'll thank all of your support for visiting our blog from time to time! I gladly appreciate it. Hopefully this blog will continue to give all of you more input and information about various things and how to live your life properly!

As a celebration, there is another WNx Homestay comic for you all to enjoy.

WNx Homestay: 1000+ Visitors Celebration


How to Draw Anime Cats?

14 November 2009

How to draw a cute cartoony cat that is not realistic? Here's how.

This cat is actually Ohmchii the Cat from my WNx Homestay comic. So this is how I draw anime-style cats, with those big anime eyes. It's actually pretty simple and what we want to do is to make it cute and cartoony. In my comic, Ohmchii the Cat is a cute and innocent cat with a slightly elegant look.

What You Need
- Pencil
- Compass


1. Use the compass to draw a circle.

2. Draw a curve inwards on the left side of the circle near the middle like this.

3. At the deepest point of the curve is where the eyes can be drawn. Draw two curves like this, like a frowning curve as the eyes. Join it together to form a square-like shape.

4. Add a circle at the top right corner in the eyes as highlights. Draw a small triangle slighty lower in between the eyes and draw a "3" pointing upwards as the cute smile. Draw ears at the side of the head with some distance between each other.

5. Add in some spikes around the circle to show fur. Draw a smaller body below the head.

This is the completed version of the drawing. I added all the stuff that Ohmchii needs to have.

I've added in a ribbon collar, some stripes at the side of the head and these two blushie ovals near the eyes to add in the overall cuteness of the kitty. Adding these feminine items show that the cat is a girl. Good luck in adding your own accessories and customizing your kitty!


How to Sell in Malaysia?

11 November 2009

Finding a way to sell items you don't want? Thinking that selling in Malaysia is hard?

I know some of you might have many things to sell, wanted to make some business or something of the sort. If you can't find people to sell to, use the Internet! Now I will show you the places you can sell your items effectively.

Places To Sell
1. http://www.mudah.my/
Mudah.my is a free place to sell items where no registration is required. All you need is a valid email and your power to persuade buyers to buy your item.

2. http://www.lelong.com.my/
Lelong.com.my is another great place to sell items. Here, you can also find cheap and good items from all categories. This is like eBay, there are auctions as well. It is certainly a great place for all Malaysians to sell.

3. http://www.ebay.com/
For worldwide, eBay seems to be one of the best sites for selling items. Because eBay is a trusted and popular site, there's not much of a worry if your item isn't reaching to the people who are browsing for it.

Pawnshops / Stores
There are several stores in Malaysia which buy used items.

Cash Converter Malaysia is a shop buying used items in Malaysia. They have a few branches in Malaysia, and perhaps you could enquire them first about selling your item before going there. When you enter, you need to get a number and wait for your turn.

96 & 97, Lorong Mamanda 2
Ampang Point 68000 Ampang
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 42525025
Fax: 03 – 42525027

30-0 & 32-0, Ground Floor,
Lor. Batu Nilam,
4B Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 33239759
Fax: 03 – 33239758

No. 23 Jln Jalan PJS8/18
Sunway Mentari
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 5630 1008
Fax: 5630 1006

No. 57 Jalan SS23/15
Taman SEA
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 78801178
Fax: 03 – 78807290

@ Giant Hypermarket Plentong CP18E
3 Jalan Masai Lama
Mukim Plentong
81750 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-3528180
Fax : 07-3528182

1. Always be sure to put full information of your item including pictures and its real scale by placing a coin or something beside it.

2. For payment options, COD is the best if you're meeting with the buyer.

3. Do not set your price too high or attempt to scam the buyer!!


How to Layout a Comic?

10 November 2009

Don't know how to make your panels in comics? Learn a simple way here.

I'm sure many of you have read comics such as Garfield and many others as well as manga. When you look at these comics, they always have a spacing in between panels. This little spacing can sometimes be present or absent depending on situations. I have made an example.

WNx Homestay: Playful Animals

Panel Boxes
Your boxes can be triangular in shape or any kind of shape you like. It is not necessary a square panel. The good thing about doing a shape that points towards another panel is it directs the reader to that panel.

2. Frameless
You don't even need to add a box frame as shown in the 1st panel sometimes. Careful not to make too many without boxes or else everything will seem like it's blending together and it will be harder to read.

3. Overlapping
Overlapping two panels with one can make a connection as well to direct readers to anywhere you want as shown in the 3rd panel.

4. Shorter Panels
Short panels indicate a shorter timeframe. It means if the event is happening very quickly, then your panel should be shorter as shown in the 6th panel. A big panel would take a longer time. Use this panel size to simulate the time in your comic.

Story Elements
You can draw your character's full body at one point in the page where it overlaps everything as shown in the 1st panel. This makes the character stand out and readers will read that first, before continuing. It can also show that the character is present in all other boxes it has overlapped as well.

2. Speech Bubbles
You can use your computer to add in text and speech bubbles in your comic. This is a better choice and makes a clear reading for readers.

3. Toning
Shadowing and toning can be done by the computer as well to produce very good effects than using pencil like the example.

Always leave some spacing between panels except certain ones so that readers can tell and read easily. Sometimes direct your readers around your page so that it isn't too boring. Please erase all your pencil guidelines...I didn't erase much for the example above.


How to Create an Airboard?

08 November 2009

This is how to create an airboard using air pressure.

I know what you all want is a hoverboard just like what you see in Back In The Future movie, but it's not what I can do yet. Instead of using magnetism, we'll just use air pressure. Airboard would be a better name for it although some people would like to call it a hoverboard.

This is already simplified so everyone can understand.

What You Need
- A Wooden Board
- A Heavy Duty Skirt (heavy duty cloth)
- PVC Pipes
- PVC Adhesive or Strong Tape
- A Strong Leaf Blower (or anything that blows air out)
- Staple Gun
- Ruler
- Pencil or Pen
- Saw
- Drill
- Screws

How It Works
It works just the same as a hovercraft. Just...smaller.

By using a leaf blower, it blows air into the heavy duty skirt through the board towards the ground. The skirt will then be inflated by air. In the skirt, there are several holes in the middle, allowing the air to escape from there. Because of the ground and the board, the air will have to push out through the bottom of the inflated skirt, creating a cushion of air.

Of course it doesn't look as exaggerated in the picture drawn above, but it's something like that.

For this guide, the board used will be 150cm x 60cm which is roughly around my size =P but of course you could use any measurement you want.

2. Prepare the leaf blower and put it on top of your board. The position doesn't matter, but you could put it at the back so it looks better.

3. You need to get PVC pipes which are suitable for your leaf blower. This is because we need to link the output of the leaf blower to go downwards to the ground. Measure, measure. Tape, tape. Get a 90 degree elbow to direct it downwards. Fix it to the leaf blower.

4. Now saw a hole of about the same size as the PVC pipe diameter but slightly bigger so you can fit it in. After sawing, secure the PVC pipe in place so that air can go out through that hole. Make sure everything is air-tight. Fix the leaf blower in place too. Round off the edges of your board by sawing.

5. Spread your heavy duty skirt and put your board on top of it. Cut the skirt so that you could wrap onto the board like you're wrapping a book. The cut skirt should be slightly bigger than the board, so that you could fold the skirt back up onto the board. Staple it in place with the staple gun.

Bottom View

6. Make another long rectangle from wood, plastic or basically anything to use as a gromit. Drill and screw this onto the middle of the board below, on the skirt. This is there so that when air inflates the skirt, the measurement is the same from the edge of the board to the gromit on all regions for equilibrium. In this case, a 100cm x 10cm gromit is used, leaving 25cm of space for the air to move in the skirt from edge to gromit. You may refer to the diagram above.

7. Now, cut some small holes of any measurement around the gromit maybe around 2cm to 5cm radius or more. Make sure they're all equidistant from each other. This isn't really important but it helps in balancing of the board later. In the diagram, the X marks are the positions of the holes. You could reduce the number of holes, it doesn't matter much.

8. Now put your board on the ground, start the leaf blower and hop on it!

1. If you don't wanna crash miserably, ride it on flat and smooth surfaces only.

2. It does not work on water, one leaf blower is certainly not enough.

3. If it doesn't hover, it's either everything is too heavy, the air isn't strong enough or the air escaped somewhere else.

4. You can steer it like a skateboard by leaning on one side, it might be hard.

5. Lastly, leaning too much to one side can fail you!

This is just a basic idea used in a hovercraft. It is made simpler into a mini-board just for fun. You could try something else like Airshoes or something by applying this onto shoes. Of course, you won't wanna do much with it because you could faceplant yourself anytime.


Rubik's Cube Online Game

06 November 2009

Don't have your own Rubik's Cube? Lazy to make a homemade one? Game it on the net.

Rubik's Cube was a very popular game, and it still is now. It is a simple-looking puzzle, but difficult to solve. It is best that when you learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube, you should understand why you need to take that move and know where the colours are going. If you just follow algorithms plainly, then there isn't too much of a point in playing it. Once you know it very well, you can then start to speedcube and do it in your fastest time, or the least number of moves.

Permutations - The Mathematics In The Cube
This snippet is taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/, a website full of information.

The original (3×3×3) Rubik's Cube has eight corners and twelve edges. There are 8! (40,320) ways to arrange the corner cubes. Seven can be oriented independently, and the orientation of the eighth depends on the preceding seven, giving 37 (2,187) possibilities. There are 12!/2 (239,500,800) ways to arrange the edges, since an odd permutation of the corners implies an odd permutation of the edges as well. Eleven edges can be flipped independently, with the flip of the twelfth depending on the preceding ones, giving 211 (2,048) possibilities.

There are exactly 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations. To put this into perspective, if every permutation of a 57-millimeter Rubik's Cube were lined up end to end, it would stretch out approximately 261 light years. Alternatively, if laid out on the ground, this is enough to cover the Earth with 273 layers of cubes, recognizing the fact that the radius of the earth sphere increases by 57 mm with each layer of cubes.

Even Nike is addicted to this Rubik's thing.

Playing It On Your PC
Playing it on your computer is much harder than playing it on real life where you can feel and look at the Rubik's Cube from any direction at ease. Although this flash game may take a while for you to get used to, this is a good version of the Rubik's Cube game to play with. Experiment around!


Good luck on solving your virtual Rubik's Cube! It's very tough for a beginner to get used to the cube, but that's just a matter of time.


Evo's Maple Bleach Video

04 November 2009

The latest video by Evo about Bleach! Awesome video.

Video made by Evo using MapleStory characters and graphics to create a similar event in the Bleach anime, Renji VS Byakuya!

Here's the latest video updated in his Youtube channel.
Renji VS Byakuya, who will win?!

A pretty good job on everything. Visit his blog for more information.


How to Publish a Book?

02 November 2009

Publishing your book for free online.

With the website called Lulu.com, you can now publish your books or e-books on the net for FREE! What happens is, if someone places an order for your book, Lulu.com will print your book out and sell to the customer, and they keep only about 20% the profit. Who says you can't write novels for profit? You can do it now!

What You Need
- Your finished work in .pdf format probably.
- Internet

Visit http://www.lulu.com

2. Create your own account first before going to the homepage again.

3. Click Start Your Book at the left-hand side or click Publish at the top.

4. You just need to follow the steps in the site, it's very direct. Select the type of book and so on.

5. Upload your masterpiece, make sure you've finished everything in it.

6. Choose your book cover, continue.

7. Choose your price and finish it!

Lulu.com does not charge you anything for the publishing. However, they will offer certain book covers and promote your book for fees, but you can choose not to pay for it.

You have to promote and market your book once it's published. Tell people about your book, write articles, give freebies and so on. The better you promote your book, the better the chance of people buying your book.


How to Create An Online TV?

01 November 2009

Create a live broadcast or a timed one with your own videos or streaming from the net.

You want your own TV Channel? It might not be too simple, but there's a way for you to put up any videos online and people from all over the world can come and view it. This is good especially when you have your own videos you want to put up, your own music, or just about anything you want to share with others.

What You Need
- Your TV Channel's Logo (Square, 300x300 pixels recommended)
- Your TV Channel's Icon (That upper right icon thing you see on TV, 100x100 px)
- Your TV Channel's Banner
- A Bunch of Videos or Video Links
- Internet
- Time

Go to http://www.livestream.com/

2. Immediately on that page itself, look for Start Your Own Live Channel and type in your channel's name.

3. Type in your channel's short name and click Launch Free Channel.

4. You will be directed to sign-up, so fill in your details and click Sign Up.

5. You now have 3 choices, click the last one, LiveStream Studio.

6. From there onwards, just keep moving on and filling in details of your TV Channel.

7. Upload your icons, banners and everything.

8. When you reach the Storyboard area, you can now arrange your videos in order to play in your TV Channel, and even upload your own videos.

9. Cue the videos in your storyboard, configure the auto-pilot which will play the videos for you in order when you're not there to control.

10. Finish up everything and you can embed it anywhere you like or give link to your channel.

11. Lastly, go to your account and verify your channel by following the steps there.

Alternate Solution
You can also try WorldTV.com, but Livestream is far better in my opinion.